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I continue painting landscapes. My plein air studies are usually done in oil applied with palette knives. Working outdoors is challenging as well as rewarding. Though plein air is a smaller, summertime joy of mine, the work informs my studio work. My father encouraged me to take art lessons at a young age. Through the years I’ve studied at the Kansas City Institute of Art, the Chicago Art Institute, the New York Art Students League and Northwestern University. I’ve shown work in the NY Westchester Art Show, the Malibu Art Festival, the La Jolla Art Exhibition, the MV Artisans Festivals, the Vineyard Conservation Society Art Auction, Featherstone for the Arts and of course at the Old Sculpin Gallery in Edgartown.


My series, SPACEWALK, has taken me in a new direction. Acrylics. No brushes allowed. The result is a growing collection of abstract interpretations of NASA space photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. I’m loving the experience. I am also working on two other series: my MEADOWS series is an interpretive look at landscapes from different focal points and my CONSTITUTION SERIES ’18 gives me a way to cope with our tumultuous political scene. The first completed work, 1st AMENDMENT UNDER ATTACK, is my perspective on the undermining of free speech.