Ned Reade photographed by Maria Thibodeau for the MV Times

Ned Reade photographed by Maria Thibodeau for the MV Times

“I love the idea that we offer them a venue,” said local painter Ed Schulman, whose work is displayed in the gallery, adjacent to the student showcase. “Being their first gallery experience, it’s like a launch pad.”

From the Vineyard Gazette, Youthful Spirit, Creative Wisdom at Old Sculpin's Student Showcase

"For the exhibit, 12 artists have been painting outside since early in the summer, varying their spots."

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"Capturing the beauty and vulnerability of Chilmark beaches and farmland, knowing how susceptible they are to change, is another aspect of this collection and one that I have focused on for years,”

From The MV Times, Edgartown Artist's Work Returns to Chilmark 

“I realized there are two views of nature,” he said, during a gallery opening on Sunday. And when prompted, he added: “I think I like the untamed look.”

From The Vineyard Gazette, An Artistic Tour at Old Sculpin Gallery

“Some of these artists were well known, some were local artists who were popular in their day. We keep the collection on view to the public as often as we can, because the Old Sculpin is so much a part of the history of the Vineyard, and this collection really captures what life was like in earlier times. It’s exciting to go through these pieces and see what was happening.”

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“As a Martha’s Vineyard artist, the beauty of the Island and the light that bathes it work together to inspire my paintings,” 

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“A lot of people say to me that they never thought my skies were real until they caught the sunrise themselves.”

From The MV Times, Catching the sunrise in artist Scott Terry’s landscapes

“Stepping away from whatever your usual process is really invigorates you and informs your work,”

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