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More about the artist:

A Science Educated Arts Professional, I studied at Wright State University at Dayton, OH and Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH, then worked at the Environmental Protection Agency in Cincinnati and Natick Labs in Natick, Massachusetts.

I’ve received an art education through intensive self-motivated study and many years of classroom experience as an art model at almost every college, university, art school, prep school, community arts and adult education center in the greater Boston area.


My work as a life long photographer is inspired by an interest in Eastern Studies, especially Feng Shui from Tibet and Nine Star Ki from Japan. Both systems are based on the Five Elements of Fire, Earth/Soil, Water, Wood/Tree and Metal., I usually exhibit photographs of all of the elements as one work or as a series, according to Feng Shui principles. However, any of my photographs can be displayed individually to enhance interior environments.

As a year round resident of Martha’s Vineyard, many of my Earth/Soil photographs are the result of a project documenting the erosion of the Gay Head cliffs from 1994 onward.

The colors, waters and mountain terrain of New Hampshire provides inspiration closer to home, while Arizona and northern Mexico are the antidote to a cold, wet Vineyard winter environment with rugged mountain landscapes, iconic towering saguaro cactus, and the historic missions.

A parallel project with the documentation of the Aquinnah Cliffs, is a database of Arizona petroglyphs, of ancient “rock art” of indigenious dwellers.