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A native New Yorker, Joann Frechette developed a passion for photographywhen her father passed his 1940s Leica on to her when she was a teenager.  She has been documenting the world around her ever since.

Joann is a fine art photographer who specializes in urban, rural, and travel photography. Architecture is a particular interest of hers. Joann’s images of  urban or rural architecture reveal the essential structure and underlying patterns of her subjects through her exploration of shape, form, and light.

Joann has exhibited in galleries and art shows in New York City, Boston,New Jersey, and Martha’s Vineyard.  Her work is in numerous private collections.  In addition to fine art prints, Joann’s images can be seen on music CDs and digital music singles.  She has curated photography shows in New York City for Professional Women Photographers. Joann is also a member of the Board of Directors of Professional Women Photographers.  You can visit her web site at: or follow her on Instagram @joannfrechette or on Facebook at Joann Frechette Photography.Joann can be contacted at: