Board Members

Melinda Fager - Co-President

Meg Mercier - Co-President

Sharon McCann Daly - Vice President

Irv Schoppe - Treasurer

Gail Rodney - Clerk

Advisory Board

Sara Aibel 

Eva Cincotta

Marston Clough

Alison M. Convery

Anna Lowely Finnerty

Laura Jemison

Janis Langley

Steve London

Kathy Poehler

June Schoppe

Rosalie Ripaldi Shane

Amy Thompson Size



Colleen Daly, Gallery Manager

Sharon McCann Daly, Assistant Manager

Valentine Estabrook, Gallery Assistant

Gimili Glavin, Children's Art Teacher

Brant Maynard, Web/Media Intern

Davin Tackabury, Web/Media Intern

Juan Sanchez, Education Intern

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